• High precision data monitoring
    High precision data monitoring

    The company cited the international advanced quality control management system, imported advanced monitoring equipment, the establishment of the sustainable development and operation of the "quality management system" through strict quality monitoring and control, improve the quality of the products and services to meet customer needs.

  • Efficient team service
    Efficient team service

    The company has experienced service team, based on the scientific division of labor on the basis of teamwork to ensure that customers in the first time to get the most professional. The most effective service.

  • Production development
    Production development

    Shanghai DIC limited company has a high-quality R & D team, in the "sustainable development" principle, through the technology research and innovation to develop products to meet market demand, the company from raw materials, to the various production process will inspect the quality of feedback, woke up production in the strict quality management system, to provide better the products for the customers.

The most beautiful print color

The real printing quality guarantee

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Shanghai DIC Co. Ltd is a production and sales of printing ink based enterprises. Since its establishment in 1996, the use of the latest European technology system, advanced production equipment, scientific management model, relying on the trust of our customers, and constantly develop new markets. Now the company has developed into one of the leading enterprises in the domestic environmental offset printing ink industry. The company owns the SHENRI series...
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